Nearly a third of youngsters planning to emigrate

Local | 31 Jan 2021 6:17 pm

About a third of young people interviewed planned to emigrate, and the main reason was the implementation of the national security law, according to research. 

Some 344 of the respondents picked to stay in Hong Kong. 

A total of 525 young people, aged between 18 and 34, were interviewed by Youth I.D.E.A.S. - a youth research centre from the federation of youth groups - last month. 

Around 150 interviewees were planning to emigrate, among whom half of them would leave because of the national security law. Nearly half of them also showed their disappointment towards the government. 

However, 344 young people surveyed would not move to other countries, as about 45 percent think living in Hong Kong is convenient. 

Around 44 percent of the respondents were hopeless to Hong Kong.

Young people also picked “freedom”, “democracy”, and “rule of law” as the values of the city, but their confidence in these values only got 4.7 out of ten marks. 

One of the young people said that the government did not fully understand youngsters’ needs and reasons for social problems. 

Another interviewee also pointed out that the government had no motivation to explain the policies and listen to public opinions, causing the social unrest in these few years. 

A head researcher said that young people's emigration reflects the lack of confidence in Hong Kong’s future. It also showed the worries of young people towards the governance of the authorities. 

She urged the government to listen to young people's concerns and goals for Hong Kong development. 

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