Residents in Jordan get tested and supplies under lockdown

Local | 23 Jan 2021 4:38 pm

Residents in Jordan have streamed to take Covid tests and supplies in temporary booths, after the government’s unprecedented partial lockdown of the Yau Tsim Mong district for 48 hours. 

The restriction, imposed during the early hours on Saturday, came after over 160 cases were confirmed from 50 buildings in the area since the beginning of this month and includes about 200 buildings that feature many subdivided flats. 

Around ten thousand residents were not allowed to leave the “restricted area” until everyone is tested and receive confirmed results, which is targeted to be completed before 6am Monday. 

From morning, residents were seen queuing outside 51 temporary booths officials set up in the area, where throat and nasal cavity swabs were collected.

Those who completed their Covid testing were given a wristband and a bag of supplies including cup noodles, canned food, bread, face masks and cleaning supplies.

As of 1pm today, around 3,000 people in the “restricted area” were tested, a spokesperson of the government said in a statement. 

Officials clad in protective gowns entered the buildings near Battery Street for inspections, while staffers had visited over 50 buildings in the area, involving around 1,000 households.

At around 10am this morning, a 47-year-old man was arrested for allegedly attacking a police officer, who told him he would have to take the compulsory Covid test after entering the restricted area and wouldn’t be able to leave until the results were out. 

It is understood the man is a resident in the restricted area and had arguments with officers along the cordon line at the junction between Shanghai Street and Nanking Street.

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