Leica’s new camera "Reporter” sparked debate among frontline reporters

Local | 22 Jan 2021 7:03 pm

Leica’s latest model “Reporter”, which was said to pay homage to frontline reportage photographers of our times, has caused some backlash among local reporters.

The new camera comes with a price tag of HK$67,900, which some local frontline journalists said on their social media that “would cost them 4-6 months of their salary.”

“It seems like Leica's marketing department is not down-to-earth,” a netizen who is a local reporter wrote. “It is quite ironic that the new model tends to pay homage to those hardworking journalists, but in fact, their salary makes it hard for them to afford one.”

According to Leica’s website, the new special design variant of their camera “Reporter” is an uncompromising reportage camera using “heavy duty” materials, which reflects the challenging conditions under which many of the most remarkable reportage photographs of our time were created.

Another netizen also joined in the teasing, saying it is “hard to believe” that any frontline reporters in Hong Kong will use such expensive cameras at work, even if they are willing to pay such a huge chunk of money.

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