HK teachers’ union calls for speedy decision over HKDSE school-based assessment arrangement

Local | 19 Jan 2021 6:28 pm

The Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union has called on the government to make up its mind on how to deal with the school-based assessment of students sitting in the HKDSE exams in 2022.

In view of face-to-face lessons being canceled amid the city’s epidemic, the union had received feedback from teachers saying they have lost countless school hours to help students keep up with the progress.

There were also teachers saying students are unable to finish their school-based assessments due to the closure of school facilities including laboratories, according to the union.

Currently, a total of 14 subjects in the New Senior Secondary curriculum requires school-based assessment, where most of them were carried out in Secondary five.

“The Education Bureau should take into account similar arrangments as in last year, to make adjustments to the assessment criteria and make an earlier announcement,” said the union.

“An earlier announcement will make sure the teacher’s school hours and student’s effort will not go to waste.”

The union also added that the bureau should look into the possibility to adjust the syllabuses for the HKDSE examinations if schools were to continue suspended after the Lunar New Year holidays, to allow schools sufficient time to prepare for the lessons.

Authorities earlier postponed the 2021 HKDSE examination to April 23 from late March due to extended class suspension which has adversely affected learning and teaching.

The examination period has been shortened to three-and-a-half week while all speaking exams and nine school-based assessments will be canceled to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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