The Buddha's Birthday to be made statutory holiday next year

Local | 13 Jan 2021 3:43 pm

The government has proposed to increase the number of Hong Kong statutory holidays from 12 to 17 days in 8 years’ time, adding one statutory holiday every two years. The Buddha's Birthday will be the first to be added.

Authorities are planning to align statutory holidays with general holidays before the year 2030.

According to the government’s estimation, for every statutory holiday added, corporates may be facing a potential additional cost of HK$630 million, but the move will benefit around 1.2 million - up to 40 percent of Hong Kong’s workforce.

According to reports, authorities are planning to make the Buddha's Birthday the first to be added as an additional statutory holiday.

With the new holiday being in May, it will provide enough time for employers, including those who hired domestic workers to well prepare themselves for the adjustment.

Authorities also said there is not much of a dispute among the representatives of the Labour Advisory Board regarding the new move, adding that they are hoping to put forward the bill  in the current term of government.

Currently, all 12 statutory holidays are general holidays and there are five days of general holidays which are not statutory holidays. They are Good Friday, the day following Good Friday, Easter Monday, the Buddha's Birthday, and the first weekday after Christmas Day.

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