Uncovering secrets behind the seamless 5G binge-watching experience

Local | 7 Jan 2021 8:00 am

Heads up, drama lovers! Upholding a vision of ‘3.OneWorld’, 3 Hong Kong enables users to binge-watch favourite shows with low-latency anytime, anywhere on its supreme 5G network.

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city – people are constantly on the go and busy with work. To many metropolitans, watching drama and movies when travelling to work or waiting for public transport is a way to sneak a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Yet, everyone must have encountered some unpleasant experiences caused by poor network connectivity. For example, videos are automatically downgraded to low-definition or disconnecting Wi-Fi service. Thanks to 5G services, people can now binge-watch drama series with low-latency and HD content on their phone everywhere.

Want to know more about the seamless 5G binge-watching service? Andy, an IT technician and drama fan, is here to uncover the secrets for you!

5G realizes your dream of watching 4K videos on mobile phones

With increasingly larger smartphone screen comes a higher expectation towards the quality of video streaming.

Back in the day when the network was not fast enough to support the mobile service, smooth video streaming was often achieved at the expense of quality.

With the advent of 5G, people can now enjoy high-quality video content with low-latency anytime, anywhere. 5G supreme networks are up to 10 times faster than 4G, taking just seconds to load a 4K video content.

Fast forward and rewind a video with no latency on a 5G network

American TV series, Korean and Japanese dramas – each episode takes at least an hour to complete. For those who can’t wait to know the ending, 5G has got you covered!

Not just offering HD video content, 5G services enable the video to play immediately once the users pull the progress bar to a certain point of the video and lift their fingers, giving users a lag-free and low-latency mobile viewing experience. With 5G, you can now fast-forward or rewind a video to any point you want!

5G works on the ground and underground

Some people may ask: “No matter how fast 5G is, can I receive the service anywhere?”
The answer is a definite yes! 3 Hong Kong’s offers the strongest 5G network, covering around 600 indoor and outdoor premises.

Places now covered by 5G include highways, shopping malls, hospitals, universities, hotels, and even busy MTR stations. Whether you are on the ground or underground, the super high-speed 5G services are widely available. 

Re-farmed B1 (2.1GHz) spectrum band to boast 5G coverage

Simple upgrades of some hardware and software at base stations can help re-farm the 4G/ 3G B1 (2.1GHz) spectrum band into the N1 (2.1GHz) spectrum band for 5G services. 3 Hong Kong is one of the local operators to have re-farmed the B1 (2.1GHz) band to providing 5G at 99% of its existing base station sites.

Offering more bandwidth in high-traffic areas for smooth services

Currently, 3 Hong Kong is using the N1 (2.1GHz) and the N78 (3.5GHz) spectrum bands for the provision of 5G services at 30% of its high traffic locations. With the continuous enhancement of N78 (3.5GHz) coverage, and as the number of 5G users increases, with 3 Hong Kong’s 5G network will have sufficient capacity to provide customers with a superb 5G experience.

Adequate spectrum resources with 15MHz of dedicated 5G spectrum band

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology enables 4G and 5G services to be provided in the same spectrum band but without fully utilizing spectrum resources. It is just like playing football and basketball simultaneously at the same time in the same venue. Not meaningful at all. With an adequate amount of spectrum resources like the B40 (2.3GHz) band, 3 Hong Kong can provide 5G services with 15MHz dedicated spectrum in many places.

Best 5G experience with iPhones and Samsung devices

Existing 5G handsets require either the B8 (900MHz) or B3 (1800MHz) bands originally used for  4G LTE to provide high-speed services. Popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhones and Samsung handsets support the combo of the N1 (2.1GHz) and B8 (900MHz) bands. 3 Hong Kong is one of the operators armed with the N1, B8 and B3 bands to provide customers with high-speed 5G services.

*See https://bit.ly/3HK5GNetwork.

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