Dragon Centre's spicy billboard girls are now replaced

Local | 25 Oct 2020 1:05 pm

The controversial billboard of drawings of scantily clad girls at Dragon Center at Sham Shui Po is now replaced by the artwork of the other local artist.

The new illustrations by cartoon artist Gum Siu-man, featured his famous comic characters such as Sau Nga Chun. 

The drawings are seen as paying homage to the original illustrations designed by illustrator Elphonso Lam Cheung-kwan, as the characters' poses resemble Lam's drawings.   

Lam commented on his Facebook this morning, saying "Compare Lam Cheung-kwan and Gum Siu-man's paintings! Which one is more indecent and scary!"

The original drawings displayed at Dragon Centre, showing girls dressed in swimwear, sports attire and school uniforms with the slogans "Focus on the good" and "Never forget the original intent."

Earlier this month, district councilor Nicole Lau Pui-yuk, of the pro-establishment Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, urged that the billboards be removed, as she received complaints from parents, stating that the drawings are considered as obscene and inappropriate.

Lam replied that the billboards had been approved by the Obscene Articles Tribunal. He said that the concept of the artwork is open to interpretation and if a person possesses indecent thoughts then they might view the artwork as indecent. 


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