Policy group says some topics off limits in class

Local | 7 Oct 2020 10:08 am

The chairman of the Education Policy Concern Organization said today that certain topics, such as Hong Kong independence, should not be discussed in schools but should be dealt with at a university level, RTHK reports.
Mervyn Cheung says he supports the Education Bureau's decision to strike a school teacher off the register for discussing Hong Kong independence in his primary class.
Cheung says the materials the teacher used were subjective.
He said it was fine to discuss Hong Kong's constitution at a school level, but controversial topics should be left for tertiary students.
"But then if they're guided to go over and get closely involved in the study of such controversial topics like the Hong Kong independence and separatist movement and these things, I think it's certainly beyond their reach [and] too remote from their life experience," Cheung told RTHK.
In a press briefing on Tuesday, the Education Bureau said the teacher had "seriously harmed" pupils at a Kowloon Tong school by using what it described as "twisted materials" that involved independence movements not just in the SAR, but also in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet.
He is the first teacher to be deregistered for professional misconduct.
The pro-Beijing Federation of Education Workers welcomed the decision, saying de-registering the teacher helped to protect pupils, and the reputation of the education sector.
But Education sector lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen said teachers, unlike other professionals such as doctors and engineers, were not given the right to an oral hearing before having their registration removed. The teacher was only able to give his side of the story in writing.


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