Cannabis use among those below 21 common

Local | 16 Sep 2020 7:19 pm

Drug abusers declined in Hong Kong in the first half, but students and cannabis use among those below 21 years is common.

The Action Committee Against Narcotics, said today based on the Central Registry of Drug Abuse, the total fell by 7 percent, from 3,703 to 3,459, from the year beore. The committee believes the figure might have been affected by the virus epidemic, due to reporting delays.

Drug abusers aged under 21 years also dropped by 2 percent, from 277 to 271. Among them, students accounted for about 30 percent and increased slightly from the year before, which calls for attention to the problem of drug abuse among students, the panel said.

Cannabis abusers fell by 5 percent from 333 to 317 from the year before. Among drug abusers aged under 21, cannabis remained the most common type of psychotropic substance abused, accounting for about 50 percent in the age group.

“The majority of the reported young drug abusers aged under 21 were cannabis abusers. Young people should recognize that cannabis is a drug, and cannabis abuse can cause not only addiction but also severe damage to one's mental health,” said committee chairman Dr Ben Cheung.

Those needing help can contact the narcotics division's instant messaging service 98186186 or 24-hour hotline 186186.

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