District councilor says rodent infestations in Hung Hom wet market are common

Local | 5 Aug 2020 12:52 pm

Hung Hom district councilor, Pius Yam Kwok-tung, said today he is worried that rodents could spread the coronavirus after passing through contaminated area when the Hung Hom wet market is closed as rodent infestations are common and there are also cats.

Top microbiologist and government adviser on the coronavirus epidemic, Yuen Kwok-yung, said after visiting the wet market yesterday that rodents could be one of the mode of the transmission. And if there are cats, they could be another mode of transmission.

Yam said the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has recently only cleaned public spaces at the wet market and not stalls, and it did not demand fish stalls to change ice. He is worried that the virus may survive and spread when people pick the food ingredients by hand.

He also said the wet market has three entrances, but only one has body temperature checks, adding that anti-epidemic measures at the building need to be strengthened.

More than a dozen confirmed cases are linked to the cluster and the FEHD said yesterday the wet market has suspended operations until tomorrow for test results of the environmental swabs taken at the markets during inspection.

The To Kwa Wan Market has also been closed until tomorrow after two confirmed cases are linked to it.

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