Shau Kei Wan eatery's political stance becomes unpalatable

Local | 2 Jul 2020 7:58 pm

A pro-democracy restaurant in Shau Kei Wan says it was warned today by the police to remove its “Lennon Wall. Police allegedly said that displaying such promotional materials and accessories runs the risk of breaching the national security law, RTHK reports.

The convenor of the Small and Medium Restaurant Federation Gordon Lam, who helped the noodles restaurant clear the materials, said officers didn’t specify which specific law was violated and they left after taking some pictures.
The police said they came after receiving a complaint, said Eastern District councillor Chui Chi-kin. He said police warned the restaurant to remove the materials before it opened its doors for business or they would be prosecuted.
Chui said it seems a cultural revolution has arrived Hong Kong, and people may start reporting things they do not like to the authorities.
Referring to the colour favoured by pro-democracy supporters, Lam said if the so-called "yellow shops" are worried about breaking the law, they should first remove the items.

He also criticized the government for creating "white terror" and believed the crackdown will continue.

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