(Two Sessions) Maria Tam dismisses fears

Local | 22 May 2020 4:47 pm

Vice chairwoman of the Basic Law Committee, Maria Tam, said people have nothing to fear over the new security laws unless they are trying to undermine the national security, RTHK reports.
Tam, speaking to RTHK from Beijing, dismissed concerns raised by the legal experts and opposition politicians that central government’s move signals the end of One Country, Two Systems.
“If you can not protect one country, you can not have two systems. The integrity of both one country and two systems need to be safeguarded,” said Tam. “The resolution today is to ensure the first part is done in order to secure the second part.”
She also dismissed fears that the move may mean freedoms and restrictions guaranteed in Hong Kong will be eroded.
“The law if enacted it will be sort of executed or implemented in Hong Kong and the trials will be taking place in Hong Kong – that is my guess,” she said.
“As far as I am concerned unless if you are interested in somehow upsetting the national security of Hong Kong and China, you have nothing to fear,” she said with a laugh.
But she told RTHK’s Priscilla Ng that some areas of the new law remains unambiguous as it is still just a draft.


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