Watchdog says complaints against 'Headliner' episode substantiated

Local | 19 May 2020 7:14 pm

The Communication Authority said today the complaints against an episode of satirical television show "Headliner" in respect of "accuracy of factual contents, denigration of and insult to the police, and expression of a sufficiently broad range of views in personal view programs" were substantiated.

The episode was broadcast on RTHK TV 31 and RTHK 31A channels of Radio Television Hong Kong and Jade channel of Television Broadcasts Limited on February 14.

RTHK is warned to observe more closely the relevant provisions in the TV Programme Code, the watchdog said.

It said over 3,300 members of the public had complained about the episode, and that individual replies will not be issued due to a very high volume of complaints.

A Commerce and Economic Development Bureau spokesman said the bureau took the view that the situation is very serious given that RTHK, as a public service broadcaster, has been repeatedly ruled to have breached the various provisions in the Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards.

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