Small businesses liken alcohol ban to 'cutting toes to avoid sand bugs'

Local | 26 Mar 2020 12:27 pm

The president of Small and Medium Enterprises Association has likened the proposed ban on alcohol sales to “cutting toes to avoid sand bugs,” an idiom used to describe a costly solution that doesn’t address the real problem, RTHK reports.
Pam Mak warned that the catering industry would have to bear the consequences of any alcohol ban, and that the coronavirus outbreak has "annihilated" a number of SMEs.
Mak said while the HK$30 billion virus relief fund had benefitted some sectors like catering and tourism, other industries like legal, medical, beauty, and tutoring services were left out.
She also called on the government to ease quarantine restrictions so that companies can allow two employees to travel to the mainland without asking them to be quarantined afterwards.
Mak says the exemption won't cause a risk of widespread virus infection.
“We have to put some restrictions for them, let’s say every week we can allow to go there one time, and only two designated persons, maybe the driver and the management, and make sure they have their own car from point to point."
"In other words they are not going to take any public transportation, and they have to return in the same day,” she said.
Mak also urged the government to give more aid to businesses, and said they should consider allowing foreign governments to provide funding for local SMEs. But she didn't elaborate.


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