10 infected Hong Kong residents in virus-ravaged Wuhan hospitals

Local | 12 Feb 2020 3:12 pm

The government said today that 10 Hong Kong people stuck in Hubei province had been infected with the new coronavirus.

A spokesman from the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau said seven of them were in Wuhan, and three in Enshi. They belong to three families.

The bureau spokesman said six of them had been sent to hospital with the assistance of Economic and Trade Office in Wuhan, while four others sought treatment themselves.

All of them are being treated in hospitals and are in stable condition, he said, adding that staff in Wuhan will keep in close contact with the patients, and offer all support needed.

Hubei province has been in lockdown since late January as the deadly coronavirus, originated from its capital Wuhan, spread across the country.

Officials have said 1,300 Hongkongers are trapped in some 30 cities in the province. Several countries have evacuated their people from the province and demands have been raised that Hong Kong government also follow suit.

But the administration has not announced any steps in that direction.

Mainland affairs minister Patrick Nip had said last month the government was assessing the safety and practicality of extracting the Hong Kong residents, since it is difficult to group them into a single location, and it takes some people 10 hours to reach Wuhan by road.

He also said the government needs to consider if there are sufficient quarantine facilities in Hong Kong to house them for 14 days.-Photo: China Daily.

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