Hospital officials appeal to hospital staff for unity after the end of strike

Local | 8 Feb 2020 1:00 pm

Hospital Authority officials say workers who took part in the five-day strike be punished for their actions, but the current focus is for every medical staff member to be united to combat the coronavirus outbreak, RTHK reports. 

Thousands of hospital staff, including doctors and nurses, went on strike on Monday to demand the entire closure of the city’s borders and better protective equipment for them. 

However, the next course of action of the strike fell apart as around 3,600 alliance members opted to end the strike on Friday, with only 3,000 voting for it to continue. 

Senior executive of the authority Deacons Yeung said on Saturday that the priority was strengthening the response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

"We will try to improve the communications; not only between the head office and the hospitals – we will also ask supervisors to take care about the emotions or the differences in views among our colleagues," Yeung said. 

Meanwhile, Yeung said the government had agreed to restock masks if the authority is running out. He said it had 16 million surgical masks, which would be enough for a month, and had more arriving from suppliers despite the acute shortage of medical materials. 

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