Scottish court defers ruling in Brexit extension case

World | 9 Oct 2019 7:02 pm

A Scottish court has decided for now against ordering British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to write a letter asking the European Union to delay Brexit.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh says there’s no need to make a ruling yet because the government has promised to comply with a law ordering it to seek a delay if no divorce deal has been agreed by October 19.

Many members of Britain’s Parliament are determined to prevent a no-deal Brexit, which economists say would plunge the U.K. economy into recession. Last month, they passed a law requiring the government to postpone Brexit rather than leave without a deal on the scheduled October 31 departure date.

Anti-Brexit campaigners fear Johnson will try to wriggle out of that requirement, and asked Scotland’s highest court to order the government to comply.

The judges said “the situation remains fluid” and they will wait until October 22 to make a ruling.-AP

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