Lingnan head says students can discuss independence

Local | 13 Sep 2017 3:35 pm

The head of Lingnan University said today it is okay for students to discuss Hong Kong independence, even though the university is against the idea. 

Leonard Cheng, (pictured), said students can learn from discussions and the campus is the place to acquire knowledge, RTHK reports. 

Pro-independence posters had appeared in all local universities as the new academic year started last week. 

Cheng said eight public universities in Hong Kong have discussed the issue but they have yet to arrive at a collective stance.

Lingnan students had earlier called the police when a poster on its "democracy wall" was torn down. The poster read "people who don't support independence should also protect free speech". 

Cheng said the wall is managed by the University's students union and the school had nothing to do with the poster being torn down.

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