(Fashion - skincare) Estée Lauder unveils rapid recovery formula

Local | 8 Jun 2016 8:30 pm

Estée Lauder is launching in July a night repair formula that promises to support the skin’s natural response to relieve the look of irritation and redness.

The new Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules, (HK$990) features patent-pending technology that Estée Lauder says helps skin address all the phases of irritation and supports the skin’s natural synchronization.

Estée Lauder says there are three stages of skin irritation – the initiation phase, amplification phase, and the resolution phase. In the initiation phase, the skin’s exposure to assaults triggers the release of molecules called cytokines – a response mechanism that starts the natural repair response, but can become damaging if sustained or chronic, according to Estée Lauder. In the amplification stage damaging irritation responses build up, starting a chain reaction, which can accelerate premature signs of aging if left unresolved. And in the resolution stage, Estée Lauder says it has found from research that the skin’s natural pro-recovery response activates specific lipids to help reduce irritation quickly and build natural resistance to stressors.

Redness, dryness, tightness, or dullness are indications of over-stressed or irritated skin, Estée Lauder, says. These can occur as a result of chronic lack of sleep, frequent air travel, increased sun or pollution, and extreme changes in weather.

Estée Lauder suggests applying one ampoule in the evening after repair serum for two weeks, when the skin is over-stressed. Twist ampoule open, dispense onto palm and massage lightly over skin using fingertips. Follow with moisturizer.

Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules can be also used as a pre-treatment for one week before exposure to intense stress, such as travel, continuing treatment for two weeks, to support the skin’s own ability to resist and recover from the visible effect of irritating stresses.

Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules come with 60 ampoules per jar. The ampoules should be used as a complement to Advanced Night Repair serum, Estée Lauder suggests.


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Tel: 2805 7668

Website: www.esteelauder.com.hk

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