Taipei metro rolls out discounts

China | 14 Jan 2020 12:03 pm

Taipei Rapid Transit Corp, which operates the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit system, said it is planning to implement a new fare scheme on February 1, which is aimed at rewarding frequent passengers.

Under the new pricing system, those who ride the MRT for 51 times or more per month will get a 30 percent discount on their total ticket fare, with the reward to be transacted back to their smart cards the following month when they pass an MRT gate, the company said yesterday, CNA reports.

Passengers who use the service between 41 and 50 times could get a 25 percent discount, while those riding the trains for 31-40, 21-30 and 11-20 times each month will get a discount of 20 percent, 15 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

After TRTC held a board meeting Monday to approve the new pricing scheme, the metro system operator scheduled February 1 as the launch date for the new fare scheme, the company said.

But TRTC said an exact date for the implementation of the new pricing scheme is still pending approval from the Taipei City Government.

In early December, TRTC unveiled the new fare system which will offer different discount rates of up to 30 percent to subway passengers by taking into account how often they use the system.

The reward, which has to be charged through an MRT gate within six months after a passenger's last swipe, could be used in the same way as money stored in an electronic EasyCard, the subway operator said.

While launching the new fare program to boost ridership, TRTC will cancel the current 20 percent discount to passengers using smart cards.

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