"Protest shopping" at Kowloon Bay escalated into clashes

Local | 28 Dec 2019 8:06 pm

Tension flared up at a mall in Kowloon Bay as "protest shopping" demonstrators clashed with plain-clothed officers. Riot police entered the mall, at least 3 were arrested. 

Around 30 demonstrators gathered at Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay in the evening. They sang and chanted slogans outside shops under Maxim's Group.

Some protesters challenged and clashed with plain-clothed officers who were inside the mall, more demonstrators joined. At around 8pm, riot police and plain-clothed officers with pepper sprays and batons then stormed into the mall, making several arrests.

One detainee was seen bleeding at his head, leaving blood stains on the floor.

Police then raised a blue flag and warned the crowd that they were participating in an unlawful assembly. Shops were closed after the clashes.

Journalists were pushed backwards to several tens of metres as police officers set up a cordon line at where arrests were made.

Several dozens citizens still remained at one of Kowloon Bay's station entrance outside the mall. Passerby were stopped and serached by police officers.

Police stated in a Facebook post that masked protesters caused nuisance in shops and officers were assaulted. Riot police thus entered the mall for law enforcement.

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