Lawyer Society Head slam acts of "rationalizing illegal activities”

Local | 28 Dec 2019 5:19 pm

Melissa Kaye Pang, president of Hong Kong Lawyer Society, said differences in political stances do not justify acts of breaking the law.

Spoken at RTHK's radio program “Hong Kong Letter”, Pang said any act of defying law and order is not acceptable, regardless of its motives or goals. She added the basic concept under the rule of law is to comply with laws, and court judgments should always be respected.

Pang said the public has misunderstandings to rule of law as some might think acts such as arson and assault do not violate the rule of law as long as offenders face legal punishment. She explained that arson and assault are both serious crimes and should not be encouraged despite any intentions.
She cited recent cases in which people have been beaten up due to political differences. “Differences in political views do not rationalize illegal activities,” Pang said.

Pang said mutual respect marks the significance of rule of law, and “harmony in diversity” is losing influences in Hong Kong as opinions are easily polarized. She criticized people for lacking tolerance to differing opinions.


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