Ann Chiang ejected from meeting of panel overseeing bills

Local | 13 Dec 2019 4:44 pm

Pro-establishment lawmaker Ann Chiang was ejected from a meeting of Legco's House Committee today after jumping into the chairman's seat.
Chiang, from the DAB, said she aimed to find someone new to preside over the meeting so it could finally elect a full-time chair, two months after the start of the current legislative year.
The Civic Party's Dennis Kwok, who was presiding, then sent her packing from the meeting.
Chiang said she wanted to persuade Kwok to let someone else take charge, so the committee could finally make some progress.
"We all see that his intention is just to drag out the meetings. I just feel regret and sorry for these Legco members. In fact they're just damaging Hong Kong," she said.
The meeting continued after Chiang's departure, but ended without a chairman being elected.-Photo: RTHK


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