Teresa Cheng dismisses 'made up' news story

Local | 12 Dec 2019 1:26 pm

The Justice Secretary, Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah, has dismissed a Financial Times report from last week that claimed she attempted to resign from her post, saying she “would not be so irresponsible,” RTHK reports.
The Financial Times cited three sources as confirming that Cheng had wanted to resign from the position and stay in London after suffering a fall during a confrontation with protesters in the British capital last month.
In an interview published by some Chinese-language newspapers in Hong Kong today, Cheng said she “admired the writers’ abilities to make up stories.''
“The Department of Justice has great responsibilities. There must be some people who like what we do and some don’t. But I have a clear conscience because I have worked in accordance with the rule of law,” she told the Sing Tao newspaper.
Cheng again expressed her gratitude towards staff of the Chinese Embassy in London, saying they had been very considerate and caring when she was hospitalised for her wrist injury in the British capital. She said she hasn't fully recovered from that injury.
The pro-Beijing daily Wen Wei Po cited her as saying that embassy staff brought her some rice porridge because they were worried she would not be used to having a Western-style breakfast.
It said some staff even brought her some homemade dumplings and that made her "feel at home.''
Cheng said she felt relieved when the embassy arranged for her to receive further treatment in Beijing. She said it made her realize the importance of having the strong support of the country.

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