Dennis Kwok blasts 'tone deaf' Carrie Lam for not hearing public voice

Local | 12 Dec 2019 12:12 pm

Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok launched a full-scale broadside today against Chief Executive Carrie Lam, accusing her of being "tone deaf" for failing to hear people's demands for a commission of inquiry.
Speaking on RTHK's Hong Kong Today program, Kwok said the decision of overseas experts to step aside from the Independent Police Complaints Council, merely pointed out what Hong Kong people knew – that the panel didn't have the power to properly investigate the policing of the protests.
"The important part of their statement is that they pointed out what the Hong Kong people knew from the beginning, that the IPCC is not suited for the job, don't have power, function, can't look into mass police brutality and complaints against the police," said Kwok.
"Hong Kong people from the very first day have called for a COI to look into police conduct, and it has taken six months down the line before the experts ... stated the obvious ... that IPCC cannot do this," he said.
The opposition lawmaker blasted Lam, asking if she really needs to wait another month to find out what public response will be to IPCC's interim report.
"Ninety percent of Hong Kong people have demanded and agree it [an independent inquiry] is the right way to go, since June," he said. "And she still needs to wait another month to hear the voice of the people, how tone deaf can she be?"
Kwok said the Lam has been dragging her feet ever since this crisis started. "Why does she have to wait months to withdraw the [extradition] bill, why does she have to wait to realise IPCC not suited to look at mass police brutality, why is that the government has to wait so long before doing what everyone knew?" he said.
The lawmaker said calls for reformation of IPCC have been raised for years. "It is stacked with pro-establishment people and there's a lack of power and credibility to deal with serious police complaints," he said,
"Maybe it's the case that Carrie Lam is afraid of setting up a COI because that would upset Beijing or the police, I don't know." he said. "I think she has completely lost control of the situation and she should go as soon as possible."-Photo: RTHK


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