Party daily sees sinister motives, says US bills 'waste paper'

Local | 21 Nov 2019 4:41 pm

The United States has “sinister intention'' to capitalize from Hong Kong’s turmoil and contain China’s development, the Communist Party's People's Daily says today, while describing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act as “a pile of waste paper.''

The daily calls the passge of the bills an “openly provocative interference in China’s internal affairs,'' which “exposes US government’s hegemonic nature.''

“We urged the US to remove black hands from Hong Kong.''

It says: “Bills that meddle with China’s internal affairs are a pile of waste paper and such efforts will end in vain.''

It also says that the “US government has maliciously slandered China’s central government and the government of the Hong Kong under the guise of 'human rights and freedom.'

“It is an international principal (sic) to respect other nations’ sovereign equality and not to interfere in other nation’s domestic affairs. For decades, nations, including China, have long suffered from the double standard imposed by the US, who has said nothing about the situation of human rights and freedom of colonial Hong Kong under the rule of Britain.''

Meanwhile, the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted: “The U.S. Senate has now joined the House of Representatives in passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The people of #HongKong have woken up to the news that both branches of the U.S. Congress stand with you in your fight for democracy and the rule of law.''


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