Water cannon vehicles sprayed protesters outside PolyU

Local | 17 Nov 2019 3:36 pm

Two water cannon trucks drove over bricks and nails strewn by protesters and sprayed them at close range outside Polytechnic University this afternoon.
Other officers fired tear gas in a bid to drive out a determined group of protesters on the streets outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The push came in an hourslong standoff that followed intense clashes the previous night.

A large group of people arrived in the morning to try to clean up the road, but were warned away by protesters.

Riot police lined up a few hundred meters (yards) away and shot several volleys of tear gas at the protesters, who sheltered behind a wall of umbrellas across an entire street and threw gasoline bombs into nearby bushes and trees, setting them on fire.

The water cannons arrived in the early afternoon, one using blue-dyed water to drench the protesters.

The daytime faceoff came after a pitched battle at night in which the two sides exchanged tear gas and gasoline bombs that left fires blazing in the street. Many protesters retreated inside the Polytechnic campus, where they have barricaded entrances and set up narrow access control points.

Protesters have largely retreated from occupations of several major campuses last week, except for a contingent at Polytechnic. That group is also blocking access to the nearby Cross-Harbour Tunnel, one of the three main road tunnels that link Hong Kong Island with the rest of the city.

(AP and staff reporter) 

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