Scuffles broke in districts as citizens clear road blocks

Local | 16 Nov 2019 9:12 pm

Dozens of citizens cleared road blocks in different districts today starting from the afternoon, and were caught in arguments with protesters. Scuffles also broke out in some of those districts.

Some 300 citizens gathered at Pok Fu Lam Road to clear obstacles on the roads, but they were met with bricks and Molotov cocktails hurled at them from the University of Hong Kong campus nearby, nobody was hurt. 

Multiple black-clad protesters also sat on the road, and scuffles broke out as citizens at the scene asked them to leave.

Just before night fell, scuffles also took place at Chatham Road South. Protesters and citizens, who were cleaning up the roads, traded insults, before things turned ugly afterwards. 

A man and a woman were rushed to the hospital after suffering head injuries, claiming that they were struck by bricks thrown by protesters.

Nearly at the same time, protesters arrived at Cornwall Street, quarreling with citizens and firefighters who were clearing the blockade. Protesters hurled petrol bombs at the barricades while riot police arrived and fled the scene.

Citizens threw objects at the protesters as they were leaving, and reprimanded reporters of obstructing police officers from enforcing the law.

Police said that they have been making their best effort to restore traffic order in the city, and were cooperating with other government departments in clearing up the roads.

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