Tripped up in London, Teresa Cheng blames 'violent mob'

Local | 15 Nov 2019 10:47 am

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah says she is reported a "violent mob" to London police after she suffered "serious bodily harm" when she was surrounded on her way to an event, RTHK reports.
A video shot on Thursday evening showed a group of people, many of them covering their faces, surrounding and pushing the Cheng,  while castigating her in English and Cantonese. Some shone laser pointers similar to those used by protesters, as well as other bright lights.
Towards the end of the two-minute video, Cheng is seen on the ground, although it's not immediately obvious whether she stumbled or was pushed. Cheng is in the British capital on a trip to promote Hong Kong as a venue for dispute resolution.
In a statement, the Hong Kong government said: "The secretary immediately made a report to the London police and requested the police to take the case seriously and put the culprits to justice.
"The secretary denounces all forms of violence and radicalism depriving others' legitimate rights in the pretext of pursuing their political ideals, which would never be in the interest of Hong Kong and any civilized society."
As justice minister, Cheng is one of the senior officials most closely associated with a now-scrapped proposal to change the extradition law which sparked an unprecedented five-month protest movement.

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