Charles Ho says protests manipulated by outside forces

Local | 15 Oct 2019 3:49 pm

Sing Tao News Corp chairman, Charles Ho Tsu-kwok, said the unrest is not a simple demonstration for democracy, but a movement supported by outside forces.

In an interview with state broadcaster CGTN, Ho said the rioting is well financed and well organized. "They are even better organized than the police on logistics," he said.

The media boss disputes allegations of police brutality. "I tell them [reporters] to make balance reporting, but surprisingly all my staff come and tell me, they always complained about the rioters."

Ho said young people have lost their spirit to make something for their lives.

"The government has a lot of programs for startup for younger people, but I still think the young people, whatever you do, you should not blame the government. You should blame yourself, you should go and work hard, and to look for opportunity. The opportunity doesn't come to you from the sky, you have to look for it."

He also said the hard part of getting Hong Kong people involved in the Greater Bay Area is to forge their sense of belonging as Chinese citizens.

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