Police say okay to hand shield over to suspect, deny selective arrests

Local | 16 Sep 2019 6:37 pm

The police have rejected allegations that they  enforced the law selectively in clashes between pro-Beijing and anti-government protesters yesterday, as they backed the decision to give one suspected attacker a  shield so he could hide his face, RTHK reports.
At their daily press briefing, the police said it was appropriate to hand over part of their protective gear, because the man in question, believed to be a police supporter, didn't want people to know who he is was.
Photos of the man hiding behind the shield provoked fury among many social media users, especially when police are often seen ripping the face masks off young protesters that they arrest.
Others vented their anger over police apparently letting groups of pro-Beijing men who had attacked others go free, while young people wearing black were arrested. Police were also seen shaking hands with some of the suspected attackers.
Spokesman, chief superintendent John Tse, denied there was any special treatment for police and government supporters, saying just because some weren't arrested on the spot in North Point and Fortress Hill, it doesn't mean police weren't enforcing the law.
Tse said the priority had been for police to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Tse also said a white-shirted man who allegedly held a folding chair, were among the 29 people arrested in North Point last night.-Photo: RTHK/Sing Tao



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