Claudia Mo wants fire services, police conversations on Prince Edward casualties

Local | 11 Sep 2019 7:30 pm

Lawmaker, Claudia Mo Man-ching, who said she obtained a transcript between the fire services department control center and on-site paramedics at the Prince Edward MTR station between the evening of August 31 and the early hours of September 1, has urged the department to release the recordings and written records.

Mo said she does not have any evidence to confirm that there were deaths, or cover ups, but it is obvious that there are very suspicious shreds of evidence.

She cited the transcript that at 00:15am on September 1, a police officer, whose rank is unknown, claimed that “there were no casualties whatsoever at the Prince Edward station platform, so don't let [paramedics] crew go in,” although the number of casualties had not been clarified. But then at 1:07am, a police senior superintendent said seven casualties will be moved to the Lai Chi Kok MTR station.

Mo also questioned the decision to move the casualties by an MTR train as the “environment above ground is dangerous,” and quoted a medical doctor that when it comes to first aid, the priority is always to give the injured the most prompt help.

"At typhoon [signal] 10, Hong Kong would be dangerous all over the place but fire services, paramedics would just go out to do whatever they can to help," she said.

Mo asked the police and fire services to answer her queries.





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