Democrat cites futility of wrecking MTR stations

Local | 10 Sep 2019 12:09 pm

The Democratic Party's Andrew Wan urged protesters to focus their efforts on winning concessions from the government, rather than taking "emotional" action such as smashing up MTR stations.
Amid reports that the railway operator is starting to run out of spare parts to fix vandalized facilities, Wan told RTHK that the protesters know that attacking ticket machines and turnstiles won't help them win their fight for all five of their demands to be met.
"I would encourage all the protesters to try to concentrate our actions towards the government. If we try to strive for the five demands then our actions should be consistent with these five demands and make it happen. All the overreaction may not cause such a result," Wan said.
"It seems that the destroying of the MTR facilities is a displacement of their emotions," he told RTHK's Janice Wong, adding that it is the government's job to help calm things down.
But Wan also made it clear that he believed the MTR Corporation has made itself a target for the protesters.
"I would not say that the MTR management are victims. They contributed to such a result and made all the frontline MTR staff into scapegoats, and that is unfair."
Wan noted that the protesters had not targeted the railway network until after it sought an injunction banning any protests.

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