Smart lamppost supplier Ticktack pulls out of project

Local | 26 Aug 2019 4:55 pm

A supplier of new smart lampposts targeted by protesters on Saturday says it will end its involvement in the project, citing threats to the personal safety of staff, as well as board members and their relatives, RTHK reports.
The statement released by Bluetooth component supplier Ticktack Technology did not go into details about the nature of the threats allegedly made.
The company said it hopes its decision will allay any concerns of both its clients and the public, and while it will provide maintenance for the 50 lampposts already installed as part of a pilot project, it will not supply or install any new devices. 
On Saturday, protesters toppled one of the lampposts in Kwun Tong, warning the technology installed inside them could collect personal information on passersby which could then be shared with the authorities, including those on the mainland. 
Ticktack also rejected claims that it is a subsidiary of a Shanghai-based company, saying its two shareholders and all of its staff are Hongkongers with no links to any mainland companies. 
Ticktack said as a local company it wants to clarify the matter, as it understands that people's trust in various technology has been undermined amid the social conflict that has erupted in the SAR over the past few months.
The Innovation and Technology Bureau also issued a statement, saying it understands and respects Ticktack’s decision.
"We find it not acceptable and deeply regret that a local small enterprise has been doxxed and attacked because of its participation in the smart lampposts project. The incident is a serious blow to the hard work of the local innovation and technology industry," a spokesman added.-Photo: RTHK


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