Xinhua advocates 'strong measures' to stem violence

Local | 16 Aug 2019 4:07 pm

The violence in Hong Kong should be stopped with ''strong measures,'' the state media Xinhua says in a commentary.

“The business environment is as essential to Hong Kong as air and water are to humans. The continual violent acts are poisoning this environment and eroding the international community's confidence in Hong Kong, which will cause fatal damage to the region's development if they are not stopped with strong measures.

“Prosperous and fascinating Hong Kong, created through the efforts of generations of Hong Kong compatriots and built up and maintained with years of hard work, cannot be allowed to be devoured by violence.

“To save it, ending the violence and the chaos is of the utmost urgency.''

The comment says that “the ongoing ferocious violence sinks Hong Kong into tremendous unrest, the economy that used to be among the most competitive in the world and its once superior business environment are being jeopardized.

“Over the past two months, the radical protesters have been causing severe damage to Hong Kong. During the past week, all manner of blatant destructive activities were gaining in momentum across the region.''


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