Airport tightens access to travelers, erects barriers

Local | 14 Aug 2019 7:35 pm

The Airport Authority of Hong Kong has introduced new checkpoints and increased security screening, restricting access to the departure and arrival halls, RTHK reports. 
New crowd control measures were seen at the area where people taking buses get off and some were put up near the Airport Express platforms. People going into the airport had to show their travel documents.
But this led to some confusion initially as some people who had to come to see off passengers were stopped from going in. 
When asked about this, some officials said if a person was there to see someone off or to pick up a visitor, they will be allowed in only if they know the details like the flight number and the airline. 
At one point a dispute erupted between airport staff and a woman who said they should not be banned as they were not there to protest but were saying goodbyes to relatives and friends. 
The staff said those who have the flight number and airline of a relative’s flight can be allowed in. But others will have to be stopped because of a court injunction today.
But confusion about who is allowed in and which area is accessible seemed to last for a while. One security officer told a RTHK reporter that people coming to receive visitors can go to the arrivals hall, but an airport staff said no one was allowed to go in.
Witnesses said they did see some security personnel letting some people go in to see passengers off. Some officials said they started barring all people from entering the arrivals hall from around 4:00pm. 
The Airport Authority media relations staff said non-travelers should not come to the airport.-Photos: RTHK


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