Attacks continue on walls of colorful sticky notes

Local | 12 Jul 2019 11:37 am

A man has been arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to a 'Lennon Wall' in Aberdeen, RTHK reports. 
Police said the man lit a note on the wall near a bus stop on Wu Nam Street at around 11:00pm yesterday . 
Meanwhile, another minor scuffle broke out near a 'Lennon Wall' in Tai Po.
Two men were seen tearing memos from the wall last night, and later began arguing and fighting with other people. 
One man was sent to hospital after suffering an injury to his arm.
People have been putting up colourful notes with their thoughts on the ongoing campaign against the government's now-suspended extradition bill on 'Lennon Walls' set up across the city, but they have sometimes been met by opposition from government supporters.
A woman who has been volunteering to guard one of the walls in Kowloon Bay told an RTHK programme on Friday that she had been verbally abused, but is trying to avoid arguing with people to prevent further conflicts. 
She also said that people with different views, including those who support the extradition bill, are welcome to write on the walls as well. 
Speaking on the same programme, Democratic Party lawmaker Roy Kwong noted that a volunteer at the Kowloon Bay wall had repeatedly been punched by another man. 
Kwong said it is “unacceptable and unbearable” that people who are just expressing their views in “mild ways” are being oppressed. 
He also said protesters should walk away if people try to attack them, adding it doesn’t matter if the notes are torn down and “people can put up ten new notes if one is ripped away”.

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