'Thugs' attacking 'Lennon Wall' guardians

Local | 11 Jul 2019 5:09 pm

Pro-democracy lawmakers issued a joint statement today urging the police to “seriously and promptly” handle assaults at 'Lennon Walls' being set up across the city, RTHK reports. 
Anti-extradition activists have been guarding the walls where people put up colorful notes to voice their asiprations, but video clips have been spread online showing others ripping off the memos, yelling at protesters, or even getting physical. 
A 46-year-old man was arrested today after he allegedly attacked two people defending one 'Lennon Wall' set up in Kowloon Bay. 
Scuffles also broke out on Wednesday evening outside Yau Tong MTR Station when several government backers attempted to remove notes that had been posted there. 
Pan-democratic lawmakers strongly condemn the attacks, adding that people are expressing their views peacefully on wall postings. 
The camp's convener, Claudia Mo Man-ching, says Chief Executive Carrie Lam shouldn't tolerate these actions, and she should respond to the demands of anti-extradition protesters immediately.
“It’s one of the many, many signs exhibiting the very sharp polarization of this city. It’s escalating. The signs are becoming more blatant, more sharp and more transparent for all to see,” she said. 
“We don’t know if those people, the thugs who attacked our young, are organized. They appear so, we hope they’re not, but that’s sheer conjecture on our part. But then, please, can Carrie Lam, as the ultimate culprit, come out and address the problem as soon as possible,” she added. 
Mo added that police officers should have actively intervened when scuffles broken out at the scene.
“The police’s way of handling what’s happened is less than desirable. They could be very good at firing plastic bullets, we don’t see how or why they couldn’t have adopted a more firm stance vis-à-vis the provocateurs during those albeit small unrests,” she said. 
Neo-Democrats lawmaker Gary Fan appeared emotional as he urges young protesters to protect themselves. 
He says these youngsters are hesitant to call the police for help, because officers appeared to be biased against them and had apparently tolerated the actions of pro-police or pro-government protesters. 
Pro-establishment lawmaker Junius Ho, meanwhile, says one cannot go “over the top” when expressing views, adding “politics is not closely related to people’s everyday life” and “it’s “unwise for people to go to other districts to engage in conflicts with local residents.''
He also questioned whether “young people are always right and old people are always wrong.''
The Health Secretary, Sophia Chan, said if activities linked to 'Lennon Walls' are found to cause local hygiene problems, authorities will follow up.

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