Police unions say UK lawmaker encouraging attacks on expats

Local | 5 Jul 2019 6:48 pm

Police Force Council Staff Associations said British Labour Party lawmaker, Helen Goodman, has encouraged a doxxing campaign against a British expat superintendent by naming him and she owes him and the police an apology.

In a letter to Goodman today, the unions also said two other British officers have been subjected to vitriolic cyber attacks and physical threats to their families.

Yesterday, Goodman asked UK lawmakers whether it will investigate the three British expat superintendents in charge of ordering the firing of tear gas on anti-extradition law amendment protesters in Admiralty on June 12.

The unions said police acted at all times with proportionality, using minimum force to suppress a rioting mob attacking the police.

"Many officers were injured by bricks and spears thrown by the mob. Some officers suffered from a corrosive substance being thrown at them," the unions claimed.

"On the lead up to the handover, both the British and Chinese governments made impassioned pleas for serving expatriate officers to continue to serve under the new regime to maintain stability in Hong Kong. The Superintendents mentioned by you made that pledge, along with a number of other expatriates, to remain in Hong Kong, serve the community and assist in ensuring the safety of this world-class city," the unions said.

"It is evident to us that you have no understanding nor insight into what is happening here in Hong Kong. We can only surmise you are either willfully blind to the truth or reading false reports."

The Police Force Council Staff Associations include four police unions – Superintendents' Association, the Hong Kong Police Inspectors' Association, the Overseas Inspectors' Association and the Junior Police Officers' Association.

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