Mothers' online petition takes issue with Carrie Lam's spoiled child remark

Local | 13 Jun 2019 6:17 pm

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition started by a group of “Hong Kong mothers” protesting against Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s analogy likening herself and protesters of the extradition bill to a mother and her spoiled child, RTHK reports. 
Lam said in an exclusive interview with TVB aired last night that if she budges every time her son makes a demand, the child would be spoiled, and that he will regret it in future, blaming her for not reminding him what’s the right thing to do. 
But the petition said: "We are a group of mothers in Hong Kong, and we would definitely not use tear gas, potentially lethal rubber bullets and bag bean rounds on our own children, and we would not be able to stay unmoved if we see young people covered with blood after being bashed by police batons.'' 
They were referring to the force used by police against protesters outside Legco, in which over 70 were injured. 
More than 18,000 people have signed the petition less than a day after it was launched online. 
Those who launched the petition include barristers Linda Wong, Debora Poon, Chinese University academics Eva Chan and Susanne Choi. 
The statement also urges Lam, "as the head of the city and a servant to the people,'' to postpone or scrap the legal amendments in light of the strong opposition.

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