Thousands block roads and surround Legco, government HQ

Local | 12 Jun 2019 9:27 am

Thousands of protesters began blocking major roads in Hong Kong today and many more massed outside the legislature and the government headquarters ahead of a debate and vote next week on the controversial bill to allow extraditions to mainland China.

Some began dismantling barricades mounted by police and  tried to enter the government headquarters and Legco.

Many in the crowd are youth along with ordinary folk who are being supported by business, teachers, university students, public bus unions, social workers and the like.

Hundreds poured on to Admiratly converging on Tim Mei Avenue and and Tim Wa Avenue.

Some blocked off Lung Wo Road and Harcourt Road.

Police have asked protesters to leave, while warning that “appropriate force” would be used today.

RTHK reports that just before 8am, protesters pushed onto Lung Wo Road, halting traffic. Half an hour later, thousands more took over Harcourt Road. Protesters have been moving metal barriers and anything else they can find onto the road to create makeshift barricades.

The entire area appears to be packed with demonstrators, including the elevated walkways leading to the Legco complex. 

Police are maintaining a heavy presence, though they have made no attempt so far to disperse the protesters. Officers wearing helmets and carrying shields and batons are standing by, metres away from masked, protesters, some of whom carried umbrellas.

Police implored the crowds to remain calm and not to use violence.


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