Radical acts have legal consequences, Carrie Lam warns

Local | 11 Jun 2019 11:53 am

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has urged people not to take radical action to voice opposition against new extradition laws when the controversial bill debate starts at the Legislative Council tomorrow, RTHK reports. 
Answering questions on growing number of businesses shutting down and some teachers and students boycotting classes to protest, Lam said people should consider whether actions like that would do the society any good.
"When it comes to important policies and legal issues like this, no civilized society would want to see youngsters being pushed to the frontline and take radical actions," she said.
"I urge schools, parents, groups, corporations and unions to carefully consider, if they call for these radical acts, what good would it do for Hong Kong society and our youth."
"Especially in recent years, after court rulings following some radical actions, everyone should know that there are legal consequences if you break the law. These consequences have a huge impact for adults or youngsters," said Lam.
She also said the government is being responsible when pushing for amendments to extradition laws, and it will continue to explain to the public.

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