Taxi operators decry Uber's potential alliance for new service

Local | 4 Mar 2019 8:46 pm

Representatives of more than three dozen taxi groups staged a demonstration outside the headquarters of the Customs Department today, demanding action be taken against Uber, RTHK reports.

The protest came amid reports that the ride-hailing platform is teaming up with a small taxi firm for a new service in the city.

Chanting slogans outside the headquarters of the Customs Department in North Point, taxi drivers complained that Uber is hurting their livelihoods.

They said officers must launch a crackdown against the company because it breaks the Trade Descriptions Ordinance by misleading drivers into working for it, and passengers into using it.

Its actions amount to accessing a computer with dishonest intent, they claimed, as they handed the department what they said were details on hundreds of Uber bookings.

The protest came a day before Uber is expected to announce it is teaming up with a local taxi firm to help people find their closest cabs.

Aming Chan chairman of Sun Star Taxi Operators Association, said the taxi firm should be condemned for "colluding" with Uber.

The chairman of the Hong Kong Telecall Taxi Association Wong Yu-ting, meanwhile, said those behind the firm were traitors.

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