10 new infections take dengue fever cases to 120

Local | 12 Oct 2018 7:25 pm

There were 10 imported cases of dengue fever in the week to yesterday, health authorites said. The patients had been to mainland China (nine) and the Philippines (one) during the incubation period, the Centre for Health Protection, said.

As of yesterday, 120 cases had been confirmed this year, of which 29 were local cases and 91 were imported cases. The imported cases were mainly imported from Thailand (30), the Philippines (16) and Mainland China (14). 

Denge fever remains endemic in some areas in Asia and beyond. The latest figures for 2018 revealed that 64,649 cases had been recorded in Thailand, 2 184 in Singapore (since December 31, 2017) and 139 in Japan. In Taiwan, 147 local cases have been recorded to date.

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