Complete recall ordered for mold-tainted Indonesian-made drug Enzyplex

Local | 27 Jun 2018 11:08 am

Licensed drug wholesaler, Unam Corporation has been ordered by the Department of Health to recall all batches of Enzyplex tablets made in Indonesia after some samples were found to contain mold.

Samples were collected from Unam, Hospital Authority as well as Department of Health clinics for analysis to ascertain whether the product exceeds the pharmacopoeial standards on mold and yeast content. Analysis on mould content of the samples, which usually require seven days, is still in progress, the dpeartment said.

While test results revealed that the bacterial content of the samples comply with pharmacopoeial requirements, the level exceeded the in-house specifications of the Indonesia manufacturer of the product.

The department said it asked Unam to require the manufacturer in Indonesia to investigate and submit report as soon as possible.

Unam has set up a hotline: 3665 2000.

Enzyplex, containing vitamins and digestive enzymes, is an over-the-counter medicine for digestive disorders. According to Unam, about 128 000 bottles of 100 tablets and 46 000 bottles of 30 tablets of the product have been supplied to the HA, DH clinics, private hospitals, local private doctors, pharmacies and medicine stores, and also re-exported to Macau.

People who have purchased the product should stop taking it, department advised.

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