Helsinki tempts Hong Kong film makers

Local | 16 Mar 2018 5:35 pm

Finland is offering a 25 percent cash rebate for production costs of film makers who shoot their feature films, documentaries, scripted fiction series and animation productions in the country.

To crate further interest in the idea Business Finland and city of Helsinki are joining the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market from next Monday in Hong Kong.

Business Finland says applicants could expect a decision at the latest 40 days after filing, and payments in three weeks. Unlike in most other countries, the rebates can be disbursed also to ongoing productions and directly to foreign companies, irrespective of whether or not they are registered in Finland.

Finland stands out favorably because of its proven low level of corruption, efficient transport infrastructure and skilled workforce. Finland is film friendly country where street closure and other infrastructure-related special arrangements can be made quickly. Filming crews are able to access a wide variety of filming locations.

Finland has a large and highly skilled talent pool in filmmaking, especially in post-production. Crews are experienced, efficient and experts in working in very difficult conditions. Official languages are Finnish and Swedish, but English is widely spoken.

Finland’s diverse landscape is unique. For example Finnish Lapland offers tundra-like exoticism, guaranteed snow for 200 days in a year, distinctive autumn colours, magical northern lights and the midnight sun, which allows shooting even in the middle of the night, as the sun does not set in the summer.

In the capital Helsinki assistance is available to producers in sourcing crew, facilities and locations, Business Finland promises.

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