Regina Ip accuses Link REIT of trying to silence her

Local | 6 Dec 2017 6:51 pm

New People's Party chairwoman Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee has accused Link Reit of making threats in a bid to silence her criticism, but the investment trust denies her claims. 

Ip says the Reit made their threats through Lion Rock Institute's Simon Lee Siu-fu, one of the founders. But Lee also denies her accusations, saying all he did was to offer to be a bridge between the two parties.

Ip said Link had made the threats through Lee, who she alleged had close links with the real estate investment trust. She pointed out that the think tank's chairman, Nick Sallnow-Smith, was a long-time chairman of the Reit. 

She added that Link Reit did contact her afterwards to offer an apology, but said she refused.

Ip said Lee told one of her top party members that she should stop criticizing the Reit or it would spell trouble for her district councillors.

"I do have two district councillors renting the Link's housing units, so I'm very concerned. And I will follow up with the government, whether the secretary for transport and housing or the secretary for financial and services to make sure that the Link stick to proper business practices and stop making trouble for my district councillors," she said. 

Link said it was shocked to learn about the allegations, and rejected that any persons related to the company made such threats. 

The Reit said Ip's comments showed she does not fully understand the company's situation, and will try to communicate with her more.-RTHK

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