Lee Ming-che pleads guilty

China | 11 Sep 2017 1:36 pm

A Taiwanese activist has pleaded guilty to subverting state power in China's first prosecution of a nonprofit worker on criminal charges since Beijing passed a law tightening controls over foreign non-governmental organizations. 

Lee Ming-che told the court in the city of Yueyang, "I spread articles that maliciously attacked the Communist Party of China, China's existing system and China's government.'' (Pictured, Lee Ching-yu, the wife of Lee Ming-che, outside court today in Hunan)

His wife had said previously he might be pressured into pleading guilty. China's wide-ranging crackdown on civil society has featured a string of televised "confessions'' _ believed to have been coerced _ from human rights activists accused of plots to overthrow the political system. 

Lee Ming-che conducted online lectures on Taiwan's democratization and managed a fund for families of political prisoners in China.-AP

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