Hong Kong set to approve plan for people to get Covid-19 and flu jabs on the same day

Finance | 24 Oct 2021 2:03 pm

Get a Covid-19 jab on the left arm, and a flu jab on the other arm – Hong Kong is set to allow the administering of Covid-19 and flu vaccinations on the same day, according to a government advisor.

Respiratory disease expert David Hui Shu-cheong said the World Health Organization has recently recommended that people can get the two vaccinations on the same day, after it found that the arrangement did not affect effectiveness of jabs.

The arrangement can help boost vaccination rates, and will highly likely be adopted in Hong Kong, Hui said. Citizens can get a Covid-19 jab on one arm, and a flu jab on the other arm, he suggested.

Experts from scientific committees advising the government will discuss the issue the coming Wednesday. They will also debate the necessity of administering booster shots to those who received two Sinovac or BioNTech Covid-19 jabs.

So far around 60 percent of Hong Kong's population are vaccinated, and the rate is much lower for the elderly. Antibody levels in vaccinated citizens also drop significantly six to eight months after people received the jabs, making it unsafe for the city to lower guards and “co-exist with the coronavirus” for the time being.

Mainland China, which adopts a “zero tolerance” policy for Covid-19 cases, has yet to allow Hongkongers to cross the border without quarantine. Hui said it is unlikely for mainland to accept reopening borders unless Hong Kong launches a health code with location tracing function, just like mainland's version of it.

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