Weekly secondary home prices at new high

Finance | 30 Jul 2021 6:32 pm

Weekly secondary home prices reached a two-year high, just 0.9 percent below the peak.

The latest home price-tracking Centa-City Leading Index went up by 1.01 percent week-on-week to 188.77 points, the biggest increase in 13 weeks, and it is just 0.9 percent below the record high at 190.48.

The CCL index for large homes inched up by 0.13 percent, while the index for medium and small units increased by 1.17 percent.

The Hong Kong Island mass index increased by 0.87 percent, while the New Territories East mass index gained by 1.27 percent. The New Territories West mass index gained by 2.95 percent.

The Kowloon mass index was 0.41 percent higher.

Since property prices are approaching historical highs, buyers and sellers have struggled, Centaline said.

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